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Overrun is a board game for 2 up to 4 players. The aim of the game is to overtake all stones from the opponents. This is achieved by smart placing of your own stones. Each field can only contain a certain number of stones. If this number is reached the field explodes and delivers its stone to the fields beside. All stones on these fields get the color of the stones of the exploded field. If now other fields exceed their stone limit, they also explode. This could start a chain reaction which concerns the whole playfield, especially when nearly the whole playfield is full of stones.



Download the game at one of these sites:

All release are available at the files section at SourceForge.

Direct downloads of the latest release:
Primary site (US)    Mirror 1 (Germany)   

Overrun JavaScript

To get a first impression of the game try OverrunJS, the JavaScript version.


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